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Unlock the key elements of the heart of your brand to discover what makes it tick. The heartbeat of your brand creates the pulse of your company and is the life force of its community.


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Once you have heart, you can breath life into your brands voice and share its message through social media marketing. People relate to what's heartfelt and real.

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Malva clients experiences

"Desroches Island Lodge had the privilege of Lauren and Malva Media’s personal and professional inputs into enhancing and growing the island’s social media footprint and exposure. Lauren’s energies, eagerness and enthusiasm are unparalled and well worth investing in."

- Laurie Ward, MD of Desroches Island 

"Malva handled an assortment of our companies online requirements: from building website and blogs, to setting up and managing social media campaigns - we left it up to the guidance of Lauren and were extremely satisfied with all the results.

She and her team went the extra mile and put heart and soul into every endeavor. Working with Malva was a treat."

- Murry Collins, CEO of Collins Property Group

"I have worked with Malva since 2013. Lauren has been involved from the beginning of time with my Ladies swimwear brand, both as a model for the brand as well as a marketing and social media consultant.

I find working and collaborating with Lauren a totally refreshing and exciting, think-out-the-box experience. Lauren is always thinking of new things, providing different ways forward in terms of marketing my brand and always with much enthusiasm and passion as if it were her own brand! As creative Lauren is, she is as professional - a great mix ! "

Hayley Firth, Owner and Creator of BLU=BLU SWIMWEAR

"Lauren understands creative speak and knows how to translate it for the masses to grasp it at commercial level. She is able to steer the creative idea into a more focused direction, isolating only the parts which will make it a success.

Everything is done with gusto, high energy and enthusiasm. Thoroughly enjoy working with her and will continue to dip into her wishing well of wisdom when I need a little more focused energy to make my brainchildren a reality."

Genna Wae Webster, Owner and Creator of SAM and Wae West

"Lauren has a personality that is simply captivating! Her fun yet professional approach make it an absolute pleasure to work with, her passion for what she does is admirable and ever so inspirational. Lauren has been holding my blogging hand almost from day 1 of Clara’s Concept. Her expertise and experience made a huge difference to the development of my brand as a blogger."

- Lotte Henning, Blogger of Clara's Concept