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  • Creative Consultation

A complete creative strategy to fill the gaps and finesse your brand. (Brand Life / Social Strategy / the Social Solutions package.)

  • Community Cultivation

Cultivating your online community through clear, inspired communication. 

(Planners, Calendars and full Social Media Management.)

  • Content 

Creating captivating content that gives your audience an insatiable appetite for all that you do. (Digital Design / Content creation, curation and coordination.)



IGNITE (social media strategy)

ACTION (optimal productivity)

PERFUCTION (personal mastery)

POWER (public speaking / presenting & pitching)

MINI MALVA (set up your own social media agency as a Freelance owner)


IMAGINE (public relation online strategy)



I live in the present: savouring the pleasure of a pause in a life that's delicious.

Bubble Baths; Musical Theatre 

& Connected Conversations.


My daily treat, I drink on repeat. 

Love me a morning mocha, man. 

Mocha's inspire my Poem Breaks.

(Here's a special poem for you!)


I consciously create my reality through: Intentional Manifestations;

Creative indulgences & reveling in my 





Beautiful Rebel

The Movement of Women's Expression.

We welcome the return of the wild, wolf, women rising. The Rebella Revolution.


F*#k 'perfect' - Revel in Real!

How to embrace the messy middle meantime to get comfortable in the chrysalis of your butterfly becoming. 


Stories and Poem recordings:

Rebella Essays and

Personal Poetry


One of the exercises was called Free Association - where essentially you think about your business as a person and give it real character attributes and the feeling behind it, the personality and what it might look like. This was a really unique and creative way for me - something I hadn't seen before of how to think about my business and really helps you with the messaging, your consistency and how you push your message and purpose out there into the world and attract the right kind of people.


I found a lot of things valuable today, especially about structure. I know my brand but I kind of blindly go into social media - like, I want to post this and this because I feel it's informative, however I don't think there is a whole lot of structure behind it. So I think getting deeper into content was the most valuable for me. And Lauren is incredible. Her aura is just powerful. She's informative and she's present.


Lauren is entertaining and thorough and bold. It reaches me on so many more levels than just my mind. Being a creative person, she meets me there. Today has taught me the business part of the creative that I see myself to be. And it's been broken down into small chunks that are understandable and easy to do. Or easier to do, rather than an overwhelming whole.

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