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Straightforward Sales

The strategy: drive sales with unmatched simplicity.

By showcasing specific products and services, (tarot decks and divination sessions) the content’s sole purpose is to inspire the audience to take immediate action. The best way to do that is to let your audience know what’s on offer and how to get it. By guiding existing customers toward purchasing with clarity and focus, this approach maximizes conversions in a concise, straightforward, and powerful manner.

AGENCY: Malva Media

Malva Media’s strategy moves the audience directly to the sale.

CREATOR: Dr. Giavanni Washington

Dr. Giavanni Washington shares divination products and services online to liberate women.


We combined two strategies for The Black Goddess Within:

The Triple-Play Repurpose Strategy and

A Video Strategy


1 Reel: 2 Sales* in 6 hours

[UPDATE: 600% Sales Increase in 1 Month!]


1 Reel and 500 new Connections made!



Black Goddess Within

Creative Strategy

Malva Media


Dr. Giavanni Washington

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