What happened when a small business called PillowScript met Malva Media? 136% Sales Growth in 1 month, that’s what…

PillowScript is a statement cushion company that lets you write your dreams alive and declare them to the world, making them come true faster.

Sales on Social Media

The Big Goal Sell Out All Stock!

If you want to successfully sell on social media you need a stream of steady delightful and engaging content. So how do you have time to do that when you’re a start-up solopreneur running your own business and juggling a baby and family all at the same time?

You need to learn how to make content that’s easy to keep doing, fun to make, and takes less time every time around. And that’s our forte at Malva Media through our Creative Content Strategies.

[Plus we offer a robust support system via Create Business Academy for resources and additional training materials.]

The Results?

136% Sales increase in 1 month

AGENCY: Malva Media

Malva Media’s strategy moves the audience directly to the sale.

CREATOR: Pillow Script creator Dihandria Bright

PillowScript offers an exclusive line of luxe handcrafted script word throw pillows. 


Keep it simple and focus on selling out a specific product from the collection. Keep the content related to all things Love!

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