Picture the scene: a brand new audience finds you and your growth skyrockets – with $0 spent on attracting them. You didn’t even make new content… sounds improbable right? Yet, that’s exactly what happened to Crafter on Tiktok with a Malva Media Content Strategy.

Gain Fast Growth

With Organic Content Marketing

At Malva Media, we don’t do ad spending. Instead, we offer creative excellence through organic content marketing. Here’s a $0 spend strategy that’s also one of our Content Curation Strategies.

The Malva Media $0 Spend Strategy

A Repost Strategy

Otherwise known as a Content Curation Strategy, this $0-spend organic content marketing strategy uses content related to your business to grow your business.

How does a Content Curation Strategy work best?

There are two ways a Content Curation Strategy works best. The first is understanding the essence of your brand in a multitude of aspects so that you curate content that relates in an unusual and unexpected way that simultaneously makes perfect sense to your ideal audience. This in itself is an art form that is best achieved with a seasoned Creative Director and a “Brand Bible” – that we at Malva Media create as part of our “Brand Life” approach.

For Crafter, we suggested the second option: A Repost Strategy.

This was based on Crafter’s communities most viral TikToks. Here’s why it worked…

Showcase Others

Crafter is a collaborative company that supports creatives and crafters. Their existence and ethos are already what makes outstanding social media possible – they are for the people, by the people, created to serve and showcase others. So intrinsically they get it right.

Now how that translates into a campaign is simple: just like they do in their business model where they showcase the great work of others through courses, workshops, and products, for their TikTok launch campaign they reposted their very own crafter’s most viral videos.

There are a few additional best practices we covered in their strategy but the just of it is that.

And they continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Strategy Results

0-5 weeks: 1600% growth and growing

Hear it from Morgan Splena, the founder of Crafter in her own words.

Before and After

1700+ and growing

Before: No strategy in place

After: Multiple Viral Videos Supercharging growth


AGENCY: Malva Media

Malva Media’s Content Curation Strategy.

CREATOR: Crafter Team


We combined two strategies:

Repost Strategy

Duet Strategy (just begun)

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