Let’s unravel our streamlined process for turning complex ecosystem and world-building projects into thriving, self-sustaining communities that grow and scale online.

Navigating a project that resembles a grand orchestra, with a million interconnected parts moving in concert, can be a daunting task.

At Malva Media, we pride ourselves on crafting strategies that are as creative, flexible, dynamic, and alive as the projects we handle.

Launching Your Vision: How to Start Complex Projects that Cultivate a Thriving Community

  • How do you cultivate a thriving community in a new environment?
  • How do you not only grow but also scale efficiently and effectively?
  • What are the necessary systems, structures, and marketing strategies you must implement to lay a robust foundation capable of supporting rapid acceleration and exponential growth?

Streamlining Chaotic Complexity into Manageable, Efficient Workflows

Here is our Malva Media approach, providing you with the pre-project insights you need to turn your vision into a self-sustaining reality.

YOUR GOAL: The Community Circuit

If you want to create a continuous, thriving community with engaged, loyal contributors that grow through self-generating and self-sustaining word-of-mouth invitations, then you’re in the right place.

We’re here to help you create a world that people want to be part of and keep returning to.

Your Project Blueprint: The Strategic Overview

We believe in laying a solid foundation for each project, which means we do not commence work without first crafting a comprehensive blueprint.

Stage 1 is where we assess and map out the entirety of your project – everything from the teams to tech tools to timelines. We answer the who, what, why, when, and how of the project.

We define: Who should join your eco-system and why they’d want to be part of it.

There’s never just one type of person, but multiple sub-cultures and personalities. So a singular approach won’t attract your complete community. We need a multi-pronged approach.

Just like building an award-winning architectural masterpiece, we craft a meticulous blueprint that translates your visionary aspirations into concrete specifications.

This involves a comprehensive understanding of the project’s requirements, from internal roles and responsibilities to user experiences.

Regardless of your budget style, your blueprint remains a living entity – evolving, adapting, and transforming to respond to results, market changes, and your project’s evolving needs.

[Example of a Project Blueprint]

[If you’re on your phone, turn it to the side to see the full picture]

From Vision To Reality: Translating The Blueprint into a Timeline Plan

We track what happens when so that the project is well done. This immediately simplifies the project into manageable bite-size tasks with clear deliverables.

We start with your comprehensive Project Blueprint and then assemble the project components according to your specific requirements:

Strategies into Campaigns into Deliverables within a Project Calendar

Budgeting forms another crucial aspect of this phase. Every aspect, every feature, and every resource has a cost associated with it. We ensure these are clearly itemized, providing you with a complete overview of where and how your investment is being utilized.

Once the budgets are approved we begin.

Modular Budgets: Balancing Project Scope and Velocity for Optimal Results

The budget is based on what you want and how fast you want it done.

Our flexible modularity means that you have the freedom to decide how we fit into your project.

If you prefer to have us manage and source the team, we can handle all aspects from recruiting to role assignments, providing seamless integration with your project’s vision and goals. Our pool of talented professionals ensures that we have the right people for each job, resulting in a team tailored to your project’s unique needs.

However, if you already have a team or wish to outsource certain aspects, we are fully capable of integrating with your chosen team and working in collaboration. We’ll adapt our plan to accommodate your choices, ensuring the roadmap aligns with the team you’ve selected.

Ultimately, our aim is to function as your project’s master builder, piecing together the individual ‘blocks’ to create a successful project structure. You’ll have an agency partner that’s as versatile and adaptable as the LEGO structures we’re inspired by.

We offer two types of retainers: project-based and monthly.

Project Based Budget

Our project-based retainer is geared towards rapid growth and quick results, with the overarching goal of achieving a set number of users or community members as swiftly as possible. This strategy involves assembling larger teams and launching multiple simultaneous campaigns and strategies to create a surge in community growth and engagement.

This approach is like launching a rocket – it’s all about a concentrated burst of energy that propels your project into orbit.

Retainer Based Project

Our monthly retainer is driven primarily by budget. It allows for a more measured, incremental approach to growth, testing one campaign or strategy at a time. This strategy offers the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of each campaign in isolation and make data-driven decisions on the next steps. Instead of driving multiple strategies and campaigns simultaneously, this is one step at a time.

The Interconnected Approach

Our approach is not a piecemeal one; rather, it mirrors the complexity and interconnectedness of living organisms. Just as the various components of a project are interrelated and influence one another, each aspect of the budget is tied to others.

Strategies and campaigns are not isolated but interconnected. They leverage each other, expanding and reinforcing each other.

This is why the blueprint is essential before any further steps are taken. We need to know how it all works before we build out each stage, one task at a time.

AI Integration

At Malva Media, we take pride in our AI integration, which allows us to provide cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your project’s unique scope and requirements.

We continuously unlock new levels of creativity, and productivity by leveraging AI advancements and enhancements to optimize your entire project journey.

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Project Blueprints start at $2500 to $25000.

Wait, exactly who is Malva Media Founder: Lauren Wallett?

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She believes that true freedom is doing what you love, when and where you want, on your own terms, and is dedicated to the democratization of marketing so that everyone is empowered to run a business if they choose to. She founded

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If you or members of your team will be personally contributing toward the project, please read Before we co-create Together for how to best show up to the process of collaborating together.

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