Introducing Malva Media: Established in 2010

Our premium media agency is led by the talented and multifaceted media maven, Lauren Wallett.

Malva Media is renowned for its creative strategies that produce unparalleled results in the field of organic content marketing for business growth.

With over 13 years of media experience, Malva Media has worked with a diverse range of clients, from luxury islands and African safari lodges to global food brands and multi-disciplinary small businesses.

Ideation to Implementation

Our project scope encompasses everything from creative ideation to implementation, with a focus on organic social media content to drive business growth.

We believe in humanizing brands to build love and loyalty with an audience that becomes your brand’s community.

Visability & Credability

Our marketing campaigns are carefully crafted to increase brand visibility and credibility, resulting in an iconic brand image, growing audiences, and increased sales.

Exceptional Brand Portfolio

Our commitment to creative excellence and innovation has earned us a reputation for attracting exceptional brand portfolios and outstanding results.

Over the years, from clients big and small, we’ve continued to exceed expectations and set new standards for our clients.

New York City

In 2023, after a 6-year hiatus, we reopened in New York City, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the future media and tech.

Just like our namesake, Malva pudding (the delicious South African dessert) the proof is in the pudding and our success speaks for itself.

Contact to book an appointment to discuss the success strategy of your brand.