Malva Media has had a diverse and international client roster that encompasses a range of industries, including African safari tours, travel and tourism companies, and wildlife conservation and animal protection programs. We help you reach new audiences, all around the world!

Bayete Game Reserve (South Africa) & Machaba Camp (Botswana)

In our partnership with Bayete Game Reserve and Machaba Camp, we provided a comprehensive range of digital marketing services, including:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media management
  • Content creation
  • Influencer events
  • Blog creation
  • Blog management

We set up and managed the social media platforms for both Bayete Game Reserve and Machaba Camp, ensuring that the content was aligned with their brand and goals.

We organized a weekend influencer and content creator event at Bayete Game Reserve to increase engagement online.

[From the archives “Bloggers at Bayete” event]
[From the archives “Bloggers at Bayete” event]

In addition to social media, we created and managed the blogs for both Bayete Game Reserve and Machaba Camp. We designed the blog layouts and wrote weekly content that was both engaging and informative. From interviews with the game rangers to fun animal facts to kids’ content to optimized SEO posts that linked to specific offers and sales pages, the content provided value to the reader, promoted the businesses, and drove sales.

[From our archives of “The Machaba Blog”]
[From our archives of “Magical Machaba”]

As a bonus, we created two projects on our own platforms, “Bloggers at Bayete” and “Magical Machaba”, which provided additional platforms for showcasing the unique qualities of Bayete Game Reserve and Machaba Camp. These projects helped to increase the businesses’ reach, visibility, and credibility online.

Our partnership with Bayete Game Reserve and Machaba Camp was successful, as evidenced by increased engagement on social media, valuable blog content, influencer events, and the two bonus projects.

Our extensive expertise in digital marketing makes us the ideal partner for businesses looking to increase their online presence so that they stand out online.


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[From our archives of a collab with Bayete Zulu]
[From the archives of our first influencer day event]

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