Understanding popular AI topics and integrating them into your content strategy expedites your reach, engagement, and growth. But how exactly does knowing these trending topics help and how can you leverage them expertly in your content plan? Here’s how…

Knowing the most popular AI topics equips you with powerful insights to drive your content strategy.

You get to tap into existing interest and buzz, and best align your content with what your audience is actively seeking out.

Let Your Audience Lead You

When you let your audience navigate for you, they’ll act as your compass toward success. Follow the content themes they love and they’ll direct you toward:

  1. Increased Engagement: By creating content around popular AI topics, you’re speaking directly to your audience’s interests. This encourages more active engagement, including likes, shares, and comments, as you’re providing value and encouraging discussion around topics they’re passionate about.
  2. Faster Growth: Riding the wave of trending topics accelerates the growth of your online presence and community. People searching for these popular topics discover your content, expanding your reach and attracting more followers (and subscribers).
  3. Staying Relevant: Trends reflect the latest developments and shifts in your audience. By staying on top of popular AI topics, your content remains up-to-date, insightful, and valuable to your audience. And so do you.

How To Integrate AI Hot Topics Into Your Content Plan:

  1. Develop Your Own Takes: Use popular topics as a starting point, and develop your own unique perspectives or insights on them. Share your fresh perspective or hot take to position you as a thought leader in the space.
  2. Emulate Successful Formats: Look at the most engaging content within popular AI topics. Is it a how-to guide? A prediction post? A deep-dive analysis? Emulate these formats with your own content, tailoring them to fit your brand’s voice and style.
  3. Involve Your Audience: Engage your audience by asking their opinions on trending topics, or create content that answers their most burning questions and desires. You’ll boost engagement and build a loyal connection with your audience.

Emulate The Best

Write a list of your favorite AI Influencers.

Do a deep dive analysis into all their content to discover their best posts. (You can do this manually, or use Creatrix SaaS to do it for you).

Examine your insights.

For example, maybe the most saved posts are those that provide practical, applicable information that viewers can use (like how-to guides).

Maybe the most shared posts are ones that contain exciting updates or news about AI technologies, suggesting that this are the types of content that viewers find interesting enough to share with others.

Predict Content Success

Based on the best performance, what will your future content be?

For example:

Posts that combine practical how-to guides with updates on the latest AI advancements perform best so make videos like that.

Future posts should maintain these themes while incorporating engaging CTAs and making use of visual aids like green screens (if that style was best).

Experiment: How will you merge popular elements—like a tutorial on how to use a newly released AI feature with a partial screen-share and green screen?.

Add Emotion:

If it appears that fear and excitement or curiosity are strong emotional themes that drive engagement, add those emotions into the exist.

Take Only The Best Of The Best

Based on Rachel Wood’s TikTok (of the AI Exchange) we audited her top-performing posts from the account’s inception until June 19th 2023. And based on her BEST performing post with:

  • 22.2K Saves

We saw that leveraging the emotional themes is KEY.

We identified 2 emotions: Fear and Excitement (or Curiosity).

Populate The Popular Posts

Here’s exactly how to take the most popular post and populate it.

We took: “Voice cloning is getting scary” and used Creatrix Prescriptive AI to write us a week of compelling content ideas.

Using Fear Hooks:

  1. Is AI Too Smart? The Dark Side of GPT4” – A post about potential negative consequences of new AI developments can instill a sense of fear or caution.
  2. AI vs Privacy: Are We Trading Convenience for Security?” – This title touches on the common fear concerning AI and privacy.
  3. Will AI Take Your Job? What You Need to Know About Automation” – A post addresses the fear of job displacement due to AI and automation.

Using Excitement or Curiosity Hooks:

  1. The Future is Here: GPT4 Can Do WHAT Now?” – A post focusing on the most exciting or unexpected features of a new AI release.
  2. AI Magic: Surprising Ways AI is Changing Everyday Life” – This title incites curiosity about the unexpected ways AI can impact daily life.
  3. Unleashing AI Potential: Extraordinary Business Opportunities You Didn’t Know” – Posts about potential business opportunities from AI can evoke excitement and curiosity.

“Is AI Too Smart? The Dark Side of GPT4”

[An example of a video script]

This video script takes a balanced approach, highlighting the potential risks and negatives of AI development, without undermining the many positives. It sets the stage for further discussion and engagement with the audience.


[Opening Scene: Green screen with a serious-looking backdrop, possibly a dark grid or matrix effect to signify digital complexity]

Host: “Welcome back to our channel, where we dive deep into the world of AI. Today, we’re asking a question that some of you may have thought of but felt too intrigued by the possibilities of AI to voice out loud – Is AI becoming too smart? More specifically, are there any dark sides to the recent developments in AI, like the groundbreaking GPT4?”

[Transition Scene: Display on the screen a visual representation of GPT4]

Host: “We’ve been following GPT4 since its release, amazed by its capabilities. It can write like a human, create poetry, code software, and even mimic human conversation so well, it’s sometimes hard to tell it’s an AI. But with great power comes great responsibility.”

[Scene: Display newspaper headlines about AI misuse]

Host: “There are some potential issues. For instance, if used with harmful intent, GPT4 could automate the production of fake news or misleading information, contributing to misinformation on a massive scale. It could also be used to create convincing phishing attacks, becoming a new tool for cybercriminals.”

[Scene: Display representations of cybercrime]

Host: “And let’s not forget the potential impact on privacy. As AI becomes smarter, it gathers and processes more data. But who controls this data? And how secure is it?”

[Transition Scene: Host in front of the green screen]

Host: “These are serious concerns that we must consider as we navigate the world of AI. It’s not about fear-mongering, but about understanding the full picture, the light and the dark sides of AI.”

[Closing Scene: Host]

Host: “In the following videos, we’ll explore these concerns more deeply and discuss potential solutions and precautions. Remember, knowledge is power. By understanding the potential risks, we can better prepare and safeguard our digital world. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to like, comment, and share your thoughts on this important topic.”

[End Scene: End screen with a subtle CTA saying “Subscribe for more insights into AI”]


We rewrote it in the style of our Malva Media founder and Creatrix SaaS Founder, Lauren Wallett and here’s the video.

Here’s the example direct from chatGPT4:

A video script for “Is AI Too Smart? The Dark Side of GPT-4” in a style and tone more like Lauren Wallett:

[Opening Scene: Lauren, in front of a green screen with a high-tech digital backdrop]

Lauren: “Hey, it’s Lauren Wallett here, back with another exciting – and, okay, maybe a little bit scary – look into the world of AI. Today, we’re going to be asking a question you might’ve found yourself thinking about late at night, ‘Is AI getting a bit too smart for our own good?’ Specifically, are there any dark sides to the advancements in AI that we’ve been celebrating, like GPT-4?”

[Transition Scene: Display on the screen a visual representation of GPT-4]

Lauren: “So, we’ve all been pretty amazed by GPT-4, right? It’s like having a chat with another person. Heck, it can even write better poetry than me! But, with these new superpowers come some super concerns.”

[Scene: Display newspaper headlines about AI misuse]

Lauren: “Like, think about it. In the wrong hands, something as smart as GPT-4 could write an army of fake news, cause chaos, and even commit cybercrimes that would make any sci-fi movie look tame.”

[Scene: Display representations of cybercrime]

Lauren: “And that’s not even scratching the surface of privacy issues. As AI gets smarter, it needs more data. It’s like a super-smart teenager with an insatiable curiosity. But who’s looking after this data? How safe is it?”

[Transition Scene: Lauren in front of the green screen]

Lauren: “Now, I don’t want to sound like a total downer here, but it’s super important we discuss these things. It’s not about being scared; it’s about being smart, savvy, and ready to handle whatever our AI future brings.”

[Closing Scene: Lauren]

Lauren: “So stick with me, and we’ll navigate these uncharted territories together. As always, if you have any thoughts on this, drop a comment below. And if you found this video enlightening, go ahead and give it a like and share it with your fellow tech enthusiasts. Let’s get this conversation started!”

[End Scene: End screen with a CTA saying “Subscribe for more AI insights with Lauren”]

Lauren’s communication style is more conversational and relatable, which helps viewers feel more engaged and part of the discussion. Her enthusiastic and down-to-earth approach makes complex topics like AI more accessible to her audience.

Content For Years

Take the Key Content Themes/Pillars from the Top Performing Posts and combine these with the Creative Strategies, Notable Insights, Content Style, etc into ALL YOUR FUTURE CONTENT.

The example above tuns 1 idea (using emotion) into 6 posts.

And it’s just the beginning…

AI CheatSheet

These are more top topics covered by Rachel Woods on TikTok:

  • Chat GPT4
  • Easiest ways to use AI every day
  • AI updates
  • Software changes based on AI
  • AI Business Opportunities

Check out all of our Hot Takes here for action steps on how to get the most out of your future videos based on all these top topics.


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