Through these guiding principles, Malva Media aims to promote a more inclusive and humanized approach to business. We commit to co-creating with people who are aligned with our vision for reimagining the future.

This is our mutual commitment. While there are logistical commitments outlined in working together, there are also 4 personal commitments required, an understanding of the philosophy underscoring this entire process, and some quick tips.

Please ensure you’re aligned with respecting everyone before enquiring about co-creating together.

Diversity Statement:

Malva Media is committed to following anti-racist practices and standing against systems that uphold white supremacy and patriarchy. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, LQBTQIA+, Indigenous Rights, and causes that work towards equality, peace, and justice for all.

4 Personal Commitments


During this process, you will give your attention and get attention.

You are required to allow yourself to get the recognition you deserve if you weren’t afraid of being seen and heard.


It’s okay to be afraid. And do it anyway.

We aim for progress over perfection. You get to revel in your realness as your flawsome self. It’s okay to be messy, imperfect, fallible, and make mistakes. You are learning and growing on display.


Self-expression over self-love. Show up where you’re at.

You don’t need to love yourself or have lots of confidence. You can be scared, sad, and unsure and still succeed beyond your wildest expectations.


Less force. More flow.

During this process, you aren’t required to increase your willpower but rather to lower your resistance. Take small steps that result in immediate action.

If a task feels too big, break it into small parts and do one part of it.

The team is here to support you. Ask for help when you need it.


Playtriarchy as a Philosophy

The Playtriarchy Philosophy centers around the Magic that is Interdependence.

(The African word for this is: Ubuntu which means, I am because we are.)

You are not alone. Draw from the collective resources. We are all in this process together, to guide and support one another but ultimately, you are the one responsible to complete your part, one step at a time.


Implementing Playtriarchy in Action

Before you do anything ask yourself, is it PLAY:


Purpose-Driven (Moving you toward your big vision)

Light-Hearted (Feels good. Not heavy. Pleasurable, not a hustle)

Aligned to (Connected to your highest integrity personally and professionally)

YOU (The heart, spirit, and soul of your business as a living entity)


Reimagining Business

Ultimately we are reimagining your business. Business gets to be humanized.

It gets to be done differently, in ways you’ve never conceived of before. In ways that delight and inspire you in all aspects of your life.


When in doubt Add. More. YOU

How do you add more you?

Share what you love and HOW you love through your ACE content: Artistic Connected Expression.

Everything you do expresses who you are so even if you post a simple video of behind the scenes in business, how you do one thing is how you do all things so show up as all of you


Process Versus Outcome Goals

Commit to the process and not the outcome.

  • A process you can control, like posting videos online.
  • An outcome, you can’t control, like someone buying from you.

Your process is what gets you to your outcome. We are focused on your wild success that exceeds both of our expectations but we are not attached to the outcome because we can’t control it.


Humanize Social Media

Social media is social.

Get personable and human to connect with the hearts of others.

Share as if you are sharing to one person. Don’t speak to the masses.

Use “You” and “Your” in copy.


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