AI influencers prepare us for the next major breakthroughs in AI. But what realities lie beyond their curtain of influence? This post is your VIP front-row seat to a glimpse of the future.


AI Trendsetters: Nerds on the Cutting-Edge

AI influencer’s use their online presence to share information and insights about artificial intelligence. They help us understand complex AI concepts in simpler terms and show us how AI can be used in daily life, in businesses, and in various industries.

By following them, we learn about the latest AI trends, potential future developments, and how to adapt to these changes.

BUT AI is moving so fast that while we think knowing what’s happening now is keeping us on the cutting edge, we’re not actually ahead of the curve. And neither are most of the AI Influencers.

The question to ask isn’t who to watch now, we’re already watching them. It’s who to watch out for next.

Enter, the Advanced AI Influencer who moves beyond influence into creation.

Mind The Gap: What AI Influencers Are Missing

While keeping pace with the latest AI trends and curating news and updates is crucial, it’s only one part of a successful evolving content strategy.

The missing piece in most of the popular top posts is personalized practical application into a results-generating product. And no, the product isn’t their cheatsheet or newsletter. That’s just more information.

It’s not coaching or consulting. It’s not theoretical. Sure these types of AI Influencers are ever-increasing and AI coaches are fast replacing the Marketing guru coaches of the Millennium BUT so much more is possible… because

AI Speaks For Itself

AI is able to summarize and serve you any information you want, straight, so we don’t need other people to tell us how it is. What we’re becoming increasingly fascinated with is, what happens next.

Most of the popular content offers glimpses of what’s possible with AI, but examples that show practical application in real-world contexts are where the true power is.

It’s not about what you could do.

It’s about what you did do and what happened next.

What results were achieved because of AI integration?

From Possibilities To Practicalities

In What’s Keeping AI nerds up at Night? we unpacked winning Creative Strategies into the Hot Takeaways that work wonders for audience engagement and growth.

Then in Virality Decoded: AI Influencer Content Forecast we showed you how to apply these trends directly into your very own content plan, with post-by-post examples and even a video script for you to adapt.

Now we’ll unpack what the best AI Influencers will do next.

From AI Influencers to AI Integrators

  • From reporting on trends to activating and showcasing successful integrations they’re using every day
  • Making AI accessible through practical application with results that speak for themselves
  • Showing the power of AI integration with real examples of products and services backed by AI


AI Integrators: Nerds Leading the Charge 

Supported by AI, you’re empowered to lead the charge of the future. So the smartest AI Influencers will leverage their knowledge to start businesses.

Reporting on something isn’t the same as creating something.

Teaching isn’t the same as DOING.

The most successful AI influencers of the future will make money from leveraging AI. They will become the creators and inventors of new products, services, and businesses themselves.

How To Integrate AI Into Your Content Now.

With ChatGPT4 you can now share a link directly to a thread. This option gives your audience the step-by-step playbook (mistakes and iterations included) of how we wrote these 3 inter-connected blog posts about AI Influencers.

It gives you, our audience full transparency into our creative process with a direct behind-the-scenes look into our content creation.

Here’s a screenshot snippet from our ChatGPT4 thread.

This is part of our post: What’s Keeping AI Nerds up at Night?

Seeing is Believing

We’re not only integrating AI into our workflow and sharing how we did it, but we’re giving you a firsthand look at the impact and benefits of AI technologies.

And sharing how they apply to you so that you can use them too.

AI Influencers of the future won’t just discuss AI potential (and what you could do), but demonstrate actualized potential in real-time, showing the practical side of AI (with what they did do so you can do it to).

Beyond Influence is Creation

We get to shape AI in our image and likeness to serve us.

What’s the best, most talented, useful version of yourself? Create that. Make it an AI integration or automation. Basically, clone your talent through AI and let it go out and make the world a better place for you, while you relax and dream up your next adventure.

And here’s what ChatGPT thinks about that!

What’s Our Big AI Dream?

Our entire Malva Media agency exists to serve one primary purpose: to fund the build of Creatrix: Prescriptive AI.

We’re not just supercharged by it, it’s what we work to serve.

All the income from Malva Media’s clients goes toward Creatrix. And all the money we make is possible because of Creatrix.

So the last question we have for you is: empowered and supported by AI, what’s possible for you?

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