Beyond logos and slogans, there’s a fine art to identity styling that gives your brand stand out and staying power online. Combining visual elements, color schemes, and font combinations gives you a cheat code to unlock cultural nuance resonant appeal, and connection with your audience.

What’s Your Brand ID?

A brand identity includes the visual and non-visual elements that represent a brand and distinguish it. A basic brand identity typically includes the following:


The logo is a graphical representation of the brand that is often the most recognizable aspect of the brand identity.

Color palette:

The selection of colors that represent the brand and are used consistently across all brand touch points.


The selection of fonts and typefaces that are used consistently across all brand communications.

Your brand identity is designed to create a cohesive and recognizable representation of a brand that is memorable and resonates with your ideal audience.

Here is an example of a simple brand identity for Malva Media’s little sister company, Malva PR.

And here’s a revamped Brand Identity updated in 2023 for their social media relaunch on the 14th September 2023.

Here’s an example of how the new brand identity is translated through content styling into digital designs specifically for Instagram Carousel Posts. Scroll to the end of the page to see…

A more extensive brand identity (or what we at Malva Media call a Brand Bible) is required for content styling. This also includes:

Brand messaging:

The voice and tone of the brand, including key messages, taglines, and brand values.

Brand personality:

The personality and character of the brand, can include traits like humor, sophistication, or sincerity.

Brand guidelines:

A set of guidelines that ensure consistency in the use of all brand elements, including the logo, color palette, typography, messaging, and imagery.

Brand positioning:

The unique position the brand holds in the market, including its target audience, competitive landscape, and unique selling proposition.


The selection of images, photos, and graphics that represent the brand and are used consistently across all brand communications. This is usually a mood board.


And finally, here’s a quick overview of what goes into Brand Styling with Malva Media.

In this post we’ve covered Brand Identity, touched on some of what goes into a Brand Bible and shown you some Digital Designs.

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