What separates a one-hit wonder from repeat viral success? We delve into the heart of viral content, demystifying the unpredictable nature of anomaly virality, and turn standout posts into sustainable strategies that you can use yourself.

If you’re looking to win on social media, you’ve seen thousands of growth hackers online teaching you how to “get it right”. These magpies of the internet are content curators and they have a knack for sniffing out the good stuff – the secrets to social media success.

So what makes their content so compelling?

We unpacked a rising-star content curator: Tik-Tok’s Yasin of @Startupgrowthtips who runs a community that, you guessed it: helps you to grow on TikTok.

Yasin knows a thing or two about a thing or two and he shares it all on TikTok.

He already optimizes his content for performance and has tools, tricks, and a community to leverage content success, so why would he be interested in insights from a new perceptive AI super tool like Creatrix?

Winning Or Warning

Curators are curious creatures with an insatiable desire for other people’s knowledge. It’s what their accounts run on. So experimenting with someone else’s idea is a win-win situation: they either get what they want (another viral video) or they get to warn their audience with what not to do!

We’re curious too! Is Yasin’s most liked video a roadmap to content curator success or was it an unrepeatable, unscalable fluke?

And, what would a brand new viral video be – based on our Malva Media core belief of Creative Excellence?

Do Curators Mix with the Creative Approach?

We aim to find out! And let the results speak for themselves. So this post belongs to a series. The one you’re reading now unpacks the insights and thinking behind “The Big Idea” for Yasin’s next viral video sensation. Then after Yasin has tested our suggested video, we’ll report back with his stats and facts to see if it succeeded or failed.

Follow The Results

We start where we want to end up, following the best results. These are his Top 5 Most Popular Posts, with a Creatrix account audit.

Here’s a peek into our virtual drawing room with our top 5 selection and notes on each post.

Why The Big 5?

While Creatrix audit for likes, comments, shares, saves, and follows, we start with the lowest hanging fruit – the easiest gauge to asses what people like most – we let the audience lead us. Literally. We select the most liked posts.

Star Posts & Supporting Posts

Yasin had a clear standout post that Creatrix calls a “Star” post. Here’s how to tell it’s a star post.

  1. Star post versus second top post: ~38.03% more likes
  2. Star post versus tenth post: ~83.00% more likes
  3. Star post versus average of 2nd to 10th posts: ~66.69% more likes

The star post gets the spotlight of attention. Just like a hit song gets the most airtime and plays on repeat, your star post deserves the post play in your recreated posts of the future.

So while we analyzed posts 2 -5, our suggestion for his next viral video is based on the star post.

Star Post

My Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2023

In full transparency here are the exact notes we used to form his creative strategy.

Our Notes

Style Intro Presenter: Guide not the hero. Theme: Hot Take. Curating brilliant content. Showed not told. Creative Strategy: Sorted and Prioritized only the top 7 – best. Did work so they didn’t have to.

Yasin’s Notes

Timely. Relevant. Value. Listicle. The Topic with a new hook tweak:
My Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2023 except I could only pick 7 ads because the rest were shit -let’s go”. Length: 6min video

Creative Insights ⚡️

Yasin is a content Curator.

He provides value and entertainment through expert analysis with an engaging, relatable presentation style.

His style is Edutainment.

Combining humor and a direct, analytical, and engaging communication style, both entertains and educate his audience. This combo makes his content appealing and memorable.

Creative Insights Unpacked 🧳


  1. Value-Add: providing value to his audience by doing the heavy lifting for them—watching, evaluating, and ranking numerous Super Bowl commercials. The viewers save time and get to enjoy the best content without having to sift through all the commercials themselves.
  2. Expertise: The act of ranking and analyzing the commercials positions the creator as an authority in advertising or media analysis. This credibility could increase viewers’ trust and engagement with the creator’s content.
  3. Humor and Authenticity: By adding the twist in the title (“except I could only pick 7 ads because the rest were shit”), Yasin uses humor and candidness to engage the audience further. This makes the content more relatable and authentic, likely leading to a more engaged audience.
  4. Timeliness and Relevance: He taps into the excitement around a major cultural event (the Super Bowl) and creates content relevant to that time. This showcases his understanding of trends and what the audience is likely to be interested in.

Humor Style:

  1. Sarcastic and Witty: Yasin uses sarcasm and wit to bring humor to their content. For example, in video #5, the title “Samsung Assassinated Apple Killer with CopyWriting” implies a dramatic and exaggerated situation, poking fun at the intense rivalry between the two tech giants.
  2. Self-Deprecating: He isn’t afraid to poke fun at themselves or their own perspectives. For example, in video #2, the phrase “Another day another ad I’m sexually attracted to” is a humorous and self-deprecating way to express the creator’s passion for good advertising.
  3. Dry and Understated: Yasin uses dry humor and understatement to add a comedic twist. This is seen in video #1 with the title “My Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of 2023 except I could only pick 7 ads because the rest were shit.”

Communication Style:

  1. Direct and Candid: Yasin is straightforward with his opinions and isn’t afraid to express them bluntly. He doesn’t shy away from using strong language to emphasize their point, as seen in the titles and content of the videos.
  2. Analytical and Thoughtful: He often provides insights and reflections, demonstrating a thoughtful and analytical approach to the topics they cover. He explain’s his thought process, helping viewers understand the reasons behind his opinions and judgments.
  3. Educational and Informative: Each video provides learning opportunities for viewers, whether it’s about the effectiveness of a specific marketing strategy, storytelling techniques, or evaluation of advertising content.
  4. Engaging and Interactive: Yasin’s communication style is engaging and often invites viewers to participate, either by forming their own opinions or applying the strategies discussed in their situations. This can be seen in their call to action like “Do the same.”

Room For Improvement

A – B

As a pro, Yasin is ALREADY doing many of these steps.

Fellow curators, take note of this progressive cheatsheet with your starting point and next best steps.

From Analyzing Ideas to Providing Actionable Steps:

Instead of just dissecting and discussing ideas, provide specific, actionable steps that viewers can take to apply these concepts to their own projects.

From One-Way Communication to Interactive Engagement:

Transition from simply delivering content to actively encouraging and engaging in dialogue with viewers through Q&A segments, comment responses, and viewer-driven content.

From Finished Content Presentation to Behind-The-Scenes Insights:

Rather than only presenting the final product, include behind-the-scenes content that showcases the process of content creation and analysis.

From Episodic Content to Continuous Narratives:

Instead of treating each video as an isolated piece, provide regular updates or recaps on past topics to create a continuous narrative that keeps viewers updated.

From Solo Creator Content to Collaborative Creations:

Expand from being a solo creator to collaborating with other experts or creators, bringing diverse perspectives and deeper insights to the audience.

From Discussing Principles to Showcasing Case Studies:

Move beyond discussing abstract principles to sharing real-world case studies that illustrate these principles in action.

The Big Idea 💡

“The Making of a Viral Ad: A Behind-The-Scenes Journey”

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Just like there are multiple elements to make a viral video, none of them thrive in isolation. So our big idea isn’t just one idea but multiple moving parts in a progressive series.

We didn’t want to give Yasin a one hit wonder. We want an award winning record where all his songs (or posts – you get the analogy) are smash hits.

So our big idea is actually part of a series.

This big idea is also what Creatrix refers to as “Wild Card” content. Creatrix prescriptive AI software gives you 80% content that works best and leaves 20% room for wild card experimental content that supersedes your baseline content, pushing you further and further toward creative excellence with each generated content forecast.

Part 1

Concept: This video follows Yasin as he goes through the process of creating an advertisement, from initial idea to final execution. (Example: ad ad for his TikTok Growth Community)

The goal is to make the ad viral.

He discusses his thought process, the resources he uses, the challenges he faces, and the strategies he employs to create the final product – which is also shares.


  1. Interactive Engagement: At various stages of the creation process, Yasin engages the audience by asking for their ideas or opinions, perhaps through polls or comments.
  2. Actionable Steps: He provides specific, actionable steps that viewers can take if they want to create their own ads or other creative content. This might include brainstorming techniques, resources for scriptwriting, methods for filming and editing, etc.
  3. Resource Sharing: Yasin shares the tools or resources he uses in the process. This could include anything from software to storyboarding techniques, providing viewers with practical tools they can use.
  4. Collaborative Element: He brings in another expert or creator to provide their input or to collaborate on some aspect of the ad creation process. This would bring an additional perspective and could provide further learning opportunities for viewers.
  5. Case Study: The final product (the ad) would serve as a case study. Once the ad is complete and has been released, the creator could do a follow-up video analyzing its performance, discussing what worked, what didn’t, and what he learned from the process.

This approach applies several of our suggested improvements and aligns with the Yasin’s existing content and style.

Part 2

Based on our “behind-the-scenes” series idea, even a video about making a viral video could go viral. It’s super meta!

Meta (not the Facebook kind) means that it self-references or self-analyzes itself on multiple levels. It’s a layered self-reflection self-reference.

So the video about the video both discusses the process of creating viral videos, and demonstrates that process in its own structure and content. The video about viral video creation aims to go viral, which adds a layer of complexity and reflexivity to the content.

It’s a way of saying “we’re not just talking about this concept, we’re also actively demonstrating it.” It’s the blending of theory and practice in a self-referential package. Delightful!

This is compelling content because it involves a level of transparency and insight into the creative process. And the creative process is where it’s at!

Parts 3 and on…

The actual advert pushes Yasin into the roll of Creator which his progression from Curator.

His video reporting back on the results is another video in the series.

And he gets to make as many as he chooses along the way…

Stay Tuned

Will he do it? Will it work? Stay tuned to find out and we’ll keep you posted with posts to support his journey here.

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