Malva Media is dedicated to helping small business owners succeed.

We recognize the mounting challenges faced by small businesses today and are offering our support through the Malva Media Grants program. This program provides up to $32,000 in media and marketing services for small business owners.

The Malva Media Small Business Grant is a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to receive the support and resources they need to grow and succeed.

Win $32K in services for your small business*

With these grants, small business owners will improve their online presence, attract more customers and grow their businesses.

We recognize the mounting challenges faced by small businesses today and are offering our support through the Malva Media Grants program. This program provides up to $32,000 in services for:

  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Business Resources
  • Content Forecasting
  • Social Media Mentorship
  • Campaign Development
  • Content Calendar Planning
  • Social Media Technical Training
  • Live Weekly Support Sessions for Q&A
  • Private 1:1 Creative Excellence Sessions with Lauren Wallett

How it works

The Malva Media Small Business Grant process is a unique opportunity for small business owners to receive up to $32,000 in media and marketing services to help grow their businesses.

The application process is straightforward and open to all *eligible small businesses. To apply, business owners need to submit a brief form explaining their business, and how they plan to use the grant to grow.

The proposals are reviewed and evaluated based on an outlined set of criteria:

  • The impact on the business on the local community
  • The originality of the business from a marketing perspective
  • The overall potential for growth and success

The winning businesses then receive the grant, which can be utilized for various media and marketing services as outlined in their grant application.

Winners Announcement


We awarded an increase from $25000 to $32000 in Winners Services Grants!

You’ll understand why when you see the outstanding caliber of the small business winners here.

Meet the 8 Winners of the Malva Media Small Business Services Grant! And learn why we increased the winners’ budget by 30% to give MORE!

Malva Media is thrilled to announce our grant winners! Due to the outstanding applicants, we couldn’t resist giving more and so we did! Instead of awarding $25 000 in services grants, we ended up awarding $32 000 to eight small businesses.

From Tech to Tarot, our grant portfolio is diverse!

From vegan products to pillows, to candles to desserts, we have chosen delightful and diverse small businesses to support.

We proudly announce:

The Malva Media Grant Winners:

Carolyn Flood of Nuthatch

Dihandria Bright of Pillow Script

Morgan Spenla of Crafter

Byron J. Wu of Aranka Media

Tanya Ponder of Sundae Fundae

Dr. Giavanni Washington of The Black Goddess Within

Maureen Koepke of Maureen’s Marketing

Amber Epperson of The Scented Vine


The Malva Media Grant 2023:

The Malva Media Small Business Services Grant runs until 1st May. During this time each winner will apply their custom strategies to results-driven content. Their growth and success will be documented here so watch this space to see how each business flourishes and transforms during this time.

To join the waitlist for the next grant, apply here.

Apply to the waitlist for our next grant here.


Eligibility Requirments

To be eligible for the Malva Media Small Business Grant, a business must meet certain criteria, including:

  • Size: The business must be considered a “small business” according to the definitions set forth by the Small Business Administration (SBA). This typically means having 500 or fewer employees, but the specific definition may vary based on the industry.
  • Ownership: The business must be privately owned and operated, and not be a subsidiary or franchise of a larger company.
  • Location: The business must either be located within New York City or offer its services and products through online distribution and delivery.
  • Time in Business: The business must have been in operation for at least 6 months.
  • Legal Status: The business must be in good standing with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Sole Proprietors are welcome too.