A “pitch coach” is a mastermind behind a founder’s ability to confidently and successfully present their startup. The pitching process paves the way for founders to secure substantial and significant investments to turn their dreams into reality.

Back in 2016 and 2017, our Malva Media Founder, Lauren Wallett was also a Pitch Coach for Techstars Founders. She prepared the founders to present at Demo Day in front of an audience of hundreds and each of the 20 founders she worked with, all of them went on to raise millions of dollars in start-up capital.

A Powerful Pitch helps you to:

  • Get your idea off the ground, 
  • Gain traction easier, and 
  • Secure funding sooner.

Malva Media’s Power Pitching process promises greater confidence and a more effective pitch – through a methodology that helps you to become pitch ready faster… even if you’ve never been a natural public speaker. Lauren shares some of the processes in both Pitch, Please, and Live with Lauren (two courses available inside Video Star in Create Business Academy).

Here’s one of Lauren’s hot takes that is her step one to mastering a powerful pitch.

And just for today, hear it from a few of the founders themselves here:

Magical Pitch Coaching!

Global Program Director of Techstars 2017 

– Jessica Williamson

She makes it safe for people to open up and be the best version of themselves on stage, with wonderful magic mixed in. I loved watching the process with a mix of group and individual sessions, and everyone’s final presentations were just WOW. We knew we were lucky to have her.


CEO of WizPass

– Bradley Hornby

The technicalities of presenting are underestimated. Lauren taught me the importance of body language and gestures which really helps convey the message you are trying to tell. The work she did was invaluable and so greatly appreciated!

Maximized My Presence

Co-founder of BenBen

– Daniel Bloch

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Lauren on my pitch as I prepared for my Accelerator’s Demo Day. She really helped me maximize my stage presence and articulate the words to engage the audience. The pitch was fantastic.

Awesome Prep – Added Confidence

Co-founder of Simba Pay

– Nyasinga Onyancha

Awesome preparation in every aspect from vocal prep to body language. Gave me added confidence I needed to be on stage. Highly recommended.

Presenting Skills Mastered!

CEO of EdgePoint Digital Ltd.

– Lilian Makoi 

Lauren is a great coach, she was able to free my spirit from shyness and rigid body movements to well master presenting skills!

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