Curious about we how created: The Future Looks Pink In Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy Forecast? In this post, we SHOW and TELL ALL! In full transparency, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we’re able to predict Coca-Cola’s future success on social AND create an entire content calendar complete with all the post visuals, captions, and videos based on a single trending campaign. Prepare to have your mind blown.

The Preemptive Power of Trend-Spotting in Iconic Brands

What you’re about to see is the culmination of careful analysis and understanding of Coca-Cola’s most popular performing posts, their key success metrics, and the brand’s overall direction in 2023.

We dive deep into the data, reviewing likes, comments, and engagement indicators across Coca-Cola’s Instagram.

Following Your Audience’s Compass to Reach a Treasure Trove of Repeatable Trends

Analyzing and interpreting 6-months of Instagram content is a painstaking task.

Every post needs to be sifted through and sorted into key metrics that are tracked, and ordered from most popular to least engaged. Post links need to be assigned to each post for quick access back to the post – so that when the best posts are identified, those posts can be revisited and studied for reasons WHY they performed well. Those notes need to be made on the best posts and stored in a place that links them to the post itself. If it’s not linked together it’s just random notes without association to their visual descriptions…

This is a full team project traditionally done by a group of researchers, data analysts, the social media manager, the brand manager, and creative strategists with a design team to collate the visuals into a virtual drawing room all so that data-informed decisions can be made to build on engagement, audience growth (and ultimately sales from social media).

But what if instead of taking weeks to turn analysis into an action plan, it took days? Weeks saved in time.

What if instead of days it took hours? Thousands of dollars saved.

What if instead of hours it took minutes? An entire team’s salary saved.

What if instead of minutes it took seconds? Okay, now it’s just mad fantasy, right? Wrong.

It’s the lightning power of Creatrix.

But Wait, There’s MORE 🤯

Once all the posts have been sorted and ordered and interpreted into notes, we have a basis of the Creative Strategy. Then the Creative Strategy gets broken into Marketing Campaigns which are put into a Content Calendar. The Content Calendar is filled with post captions, videos and visuals.

This is another team task. Now the Creative Strategists work with Creative Directors, Copy Writers, and Creative Teams.

There’s no way software could do the work of two full teams right? Analysis and Creativity? Science and Art? That’s impossible…

Despite how much it blows our minds at Malva Media, it’s perfectly possible. In fact it’s exactly what Creatrix does.

Software As A Superhero

Creatrix is like a creative genius and the world’s best data scientist had a baby. And that baby came out fluent in social media. They somehow take the most complicated analysis, interpret it visually and translate it so that even 1-year-olds clearly see: the posts are winning on social media.

These superpower predictive capabilities are made possible because of Creatrix Forecasting Softwareyour modern-day crystal ball for social media success predictions.

Turning Complex Analysis into an Obvious Action Plan

When we audited Coke’s Instagram it’s obvious that certain themes and motifs resonated more with Coke’s audience, particularly content with a vibrant, playful, daring attitude that was surprisingly but undeniably: Pink … but because seeing is believing take a look for yourself.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Trending Towards Success: Coke’s Social Media Forecast Revealed

Login to Creatrix

Choose the account you want to audit.

We chose Coca Cola’s Instagram. And added the URL:

Select your date range

We did from Jan 1st 2023 to June 1st 2023

Audit The Account

Get The Account’s Top 10 Most Popular Posts

Within moments you’re taken to the top 10, most popular posts. You can tap each one to watch it (if it’s a video) or scroll it (if it’s a carousel) and even tap it’s direct link to revisit it where it lives on the account’s platform.

Scroll And Take Note

Make your notes and add them to your plan. Scroll to see all 10.

Add Notes To Your Plan

Complete Your Selection

Add up to 10 posts to your plan. We suggest 1 – 5 posts. Take the best of the best and leave the rest.

Get Your Virtual Drawing Room

Now you have an overview of your selected posts with notes. Scroll down to see your notes summarized.

Get Your Notes Summarized

Transform Your Notes Into Your Creative Strategy

Use AI integration or keep it analog and write it yourself. It’s totally up to you.

Get Your AI Creative Strategy

Or analog – totally up to you!

Transform your Creative Strategy into Your Content Forecast Plan

How Far Do You Want To Go?

Get Your Content Calendar Overview

This one is based on the Coke Pink campaign idea because the majority of popular posts were all pink.

Get Your Content Calendar Formatted

However you choose to format it. We keep it old school into Excel.

Get Your Monthly Itemized Content Forecast Post-By-Post

✅Do you want visual suggestions?

✅Pre-written captions?

✅Video scripts?

✅Audience competitions?

✅Custom hashtags?

⚡️Whatever you desire – you now have in seconds.

Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy Forecast

For this example I used the title “pink coke” to be replaced with the actual brand name. But you get the idea.

This stage of Creatrix software is in phase 1 of development with a customized copywriting AI integration coming soon.

We did a 1 minute edit and put a strikethrough line through redundant ideas.

A Week’s Post-By-Post Breakdown

Caption 1: “Dive into the pink wave! Our new Pink Coke bottle, framed by a sunset sky, is the perfect companion for a summer adventure. #PaintTheTownPink #PinkCokeAdventure”

  • Image Idea: Pink Coke bottle against a beautiful sunset backdrop, placed on a picnic blanket or beach sand.

Caption 2: “Savor the unexpected with Pink Coke. A surprising twist of taste you’ve been waiting for! #UnexpectedPink #TasteTheMagic”

  • Image Idea: A close-up product shot of Pink Coke being poured into a glass with a vibrant splash, illustrating the dynamic and unexpected flavor.

Caption 3: “In a world full of choices, dare to be vibrant. Dare to be different. Dare to choose Pink. #PinkCokeChoice #VibrantCoke”

  • Image Idea: A range of Coke products in a line, with the Pink Coke standing out prominently in the center, set against a monochrome background to highlight its unique color.

Caption 4: “Pink isn’t just a color; it’s an attitude! Bring out your playful side with Pink Coke. #PlayfulPinkCoke #PinkAttitude”

  • Image Idea: A lifestyle shot featuring someone with a lively, playful attitude, joyfully holding a Pink Coke.

Caption 5: “Turn your day around with Pink Coke. Every sip is a dose of magic. #DayTurnerPinkCoke #SipTheMagic”

  • Image Idea: A tranquil setting (a peaceful home office or a quiet outdoor spot) with Pink Coke placed nearby, signifying a sweet escape from daily routine.

Video Script:

(Opens to a vibrant cityscape, slowly panning across the buildings. Cut to a close-up shot of a Pink Coke bottle, the city reflected in its glossy surface.)

Narrator (Voiceover): “In a city that never stops, something new is painting the town pink.”

(Cuts to clips of diverse individuals enjoying Pink Coke: at a party, in a park, at a rooftop, during sunset.)

Narrator (Voiceover): “Meet Pink Coke, the surprising twist of taste that’s making waves and turning heads.”

(End with the Pink Coke logo, the city skyline behind it bathed in a pink hue.)

Narrator (Voiceover): “Dare to be vibrant. Dare to be different. This is Pink Coke. #PaintTheTownPink”

Audience Competition:

Prompt: “Show us how you #PaintTheTownPink with Pink Coke! Take a picture of your Pink Coke in the most creative, vibrant location you can find. The winner gets a year’s supply of Pink Coke and exclusive merch! Bring your Pink Attitude to life with #PinkCokeChoice.”


For more read, The Future Looks Pink In Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy Forecast.

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