When you think of Coca-Cola, you think red right? Well, think again. After a deep dive analysis, we’ve predicted possible future campaigns based on their most popular performing posts. And the color that pops off is pink! Here’s how Coca-Cola is painting the town, and possibly the world, pink!

Bubbles Of Innovation

Coca-Cola is an iconic brand with an enduring legacy due to multiple memorable campaigns. They consistently craft messages that resonate on a global scale. So let’s take a look at what’s working best for them in 2023.

Trend-spotting in iconic brands like Coca-Cola offers invaluable insights, allowing us to observe and learn from their innovative communication efforts.

By analyzing what resonates most with their audience and forecasting future trends, we can harness the power of popularity to shape impactful marketing strategies for your brand and predict additional successful marketing campaigns for the brand itself.

Top Post Of The Year

Big brand collabs with celebs, actors, artists, musicians, and models are nothing new, so there’s no major surprise that their top performing video on Instagram titled “A Recipe for Magic” is also “A Recipe for Success.”

This video post got 1044814 likes and counting!

That’s more than double their 2nd top performing post and 10X the likes from most of their top 10 posts.

A Recipe for Magic

#1 Creative Insight ⚡️

What we found interesting about this direction is the potential for positioning Coca-Cola as an alcohol alternative.

To expand on the success of this #1 winning campaign we suggest two additional creative directions to support and leverage it.

#1 Next Steps into Campaigns 🔮

“Living the Dream” Influencer and Model Lifestyle Campaigns

This simple strategy shows more aspirational lifestyles of influencers and their model friends. By highlighting its fabulous lifestyle campaigns, coca-cola gets put into the aspirational and inspirational spotlight.

“Breaking the Mold” Exploring Alcohol Alternatives

This content strategy explores coca cola as an alcohol alternative. It delves into the growing trend of non-alcoholic drinks and their role in modern social settings, offering an up close and personal viewpoint into healthier lifestyle choices.

Now for the less obvious:

Most Impressive Style

The second post popular post is part of the Taste the Transformation campaign. It’s a collab between Coca‑Cola and Grammy-Award Winning Artist Rosalía. Read more about this “Break Boundaries With Limited-Edition Coke Creation” here.

Prognosis Pink: Playful, Popular and Powerfully Creative

#2 Creative Insight ⚡️

Their shift toward pink communication efforts indicates a shift that not only sparks engagement but could potentially redefine branding norms.

Recently, we’ve noticed a particular trend within their communication efforts, hinting at an exciting, color-filled direction.

It shows up across the board in the top 10 posts and the reoccurring theme and continued popularity means that it’s a rising trend to watch out for.

“Transforming the world” with Rosalia showcases Spanish music and cartoon/anime-style visuals. By using this unique cross-cultural approach, the content continues to reach a diverse audience and open up new conversations.

We call it the “Paint-the-World-Pink” strategy and our perspective is that Coca-Cola is showing us how to see the world with new eyes, from a multicultural perspective. They’re also reminding us at a deeper level that just because something has always been perceived in one way (like Coke being red), reimagining the status quo brings us all new opportunities, adventures, and delight.

They’re showing a glimpse into full spectrum living through the use of alternative colors.

For a complete breakdown of how we take this campaign into a social media content calendar, complete with suggested visuals, captions, video and even a competition, click here for: Prognosis Pink: How Creatrix Powers Coca-Cola’s Social Media Strategy Forecast and Content Calendar Creation.

#2 Next Steps into Campaigns 🔮

Cultural Fusion: The Creations Campaigns

Coke is already playing with more color in their creations campaign and we can expect to see more of this as it’s already working so well. Their 4th top post is already a campaign on its own so we’re including that in the next steps taken right here.

The Allure of Fantasy: Coke’s Real Magic Campaign and League of Legends

Based on Coke’s Real Magic Campaign and League of Legends, we suggest a continued color explorational content strategy AND

Unexpected Combinations: Like the thrilling connections between gaming culture and Coke’s brand message.

Supporting Posts

More Magic

#4 Creative Insight ⚡️

The supporting posts are more of the same from the Real Magic / Creations Campaigns. The 3rd most popular post is a snippet of the 2nd most popular post (what we’ve voted as the Most Impressive Style).

Reuse what works! Take one video, chop it up, and use it in multiple ways.

#4 Next Steps… 🔮

Continue the trend. This is a prime example of when it works, keep working it!

Best Instagram Image

Empowering the Future

The Alex Morgan Fund for Young Women

#5 Creative Insight ⚡️

The number one photo from Coca-Cola in 2023 is about The Alex Morgan Fund for Young Women. The post highlights Morgan’s philanthropic actions and promotes inspirational messages to uplift young women everywhere.

The empowerment trajectory is ideal for Coca-Cola to keep pursuing.

#5 Next Steps into Campaigns 🔮

Sparkling Dreams: with Alex Morgan Fund

Here are a few practical applications of this campaign:

  • Social Media Posts: Sharing Alex Morgan’s inspiring journey, highlighting her achievements, struggles, and the impact of her Fund. Showcase real-life stories of young women who have benefitted from the fund.
  • Interactive Content: Host live Q&A sessions with Alex Morgan and/or Fund beneficiaries on social media platforms, inviting young women to ask their questions about sports, goals, or overcoming challenges.
  • User-Generated Content: Launch a challenge encouraging young women to share their dreams and aspirations. Coke could share the most inspiring stories and send a special message from Alex Morgan to the top contributors.

Quenching Thirst for Success: Embracing the Future with Alex Morgan Fund and Coca-Cola

Here are a few practical applications of this campaign:

  • Social Media Posts: Regularly post motivational content featuring Alex Morgan’s quotes, workouts, advice, and insights into her career. Highlight the achievements of female athletes and leaders who have benefitted from the Fund.
  • Videos: Create short videos or documentaries about the Fund’s work and its impact. Include testimonies from beneficiaries and their journey towards achieving their dreams.
  • Community Engagement: Organize virtual workshops and webinars led by Alex Morgan and other successful women in sports and leadership roles. The goal is to engage young women, encourage them to apply for the Fund, and empower them to pursue their dreams.

Missed Opportunities

The major missed opportunity of Coca-Cola on Instagram is not their creative content but their platform optimization.

We advocate for a 10/10 Instagram Optimization Strategy and they are loosing out by not optimizing their page.

Stay tuned by subscribing for a deep dive into Instagram Page Optimization.

Curious About How We Created This Forecast for Coca-Cola?

These superpower predictive capabilities are made possible because of Creatrix Forecasting Software – our modern-day crystal ball for social media predictions.

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