Welcome to the wild world of social media growth hacking. Hackers are master curators in the art of ‘look what I found! These content curators have a knack for sniffing out the good stuff. But what’s better than someone else’s good stuff? We look at the future beyond curation to forecast what’s in store…

Growth Hackers Are Content Curators

Curators are treasure hunters, sifting through the digital rubble to unearth sparkling insights and shiny trends. It’s like they’re throwing us a never-ending show-and-tell party, presenting us with the coolest things they’ve found. And they’re not just showing off – they’re sharing the map to the treasure too!

Their business? Well, it’s your business.

They sell you the keys to the kingdom, the secret sauce, the magic beans – whatever you need to supercharge your social media game.

Their mantra? Do as I do, follow my footprints, and you’ll strike gold too.

They start off as tour guides, pointing out the success stories, the big wins, and then BAM! They become the main attraction themselves.

Their superpower is all in the gathering. Maybe more than Magpies, they’re like those hyper-organized squirrels preparing for a never-ending winter, hoarding wisdom nuts from every corner of the web.

Think about those podcasters making waves by chatting up the big brains in every field, or those meta-experts who are basically like pro-fanboys of other experts. Elon-stans, the dudes who quote Tim Ferris. These are your boss babes, and boy bosses who love to start sentences with “As the great so and so once said…”

Because why share an original idea when you can share 10 of the best ideas that ever existed all at once from 10 different sources? Who needs your own thoughts when you have someone else to quote?

You get to be brilliant though association with brilliance. Or do you?

It depends on who you ask. (We say: Always Ask A Creative – but that’s another post.)

Current Content Marketing Gurus

These are currently the most popular content marketing gurus. We got ChatGPT and Bing to summarize them for you. Feel free to skim this section and please note: we don’t prescribe any of their advice.

Read or Skim at your own discretion:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee): Gary is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and internet personality. He’s best known for his work in digital marketing and social media, through his companies VaynerMedia and VaynerX. Gary is especially active on social media platforms and has a large following.
  2. Neil Patel: Neil is a well-known figure in digital marketing. He’s the co-founder of several marketing tools like Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and Ubersuggest. Neil is also the author of the popular blog “Neil Patel,” where he regularly shares insights and advice about SEO, content marketing, conversion optimization, and more.
  3. Rand Fishkin: Rand is the co-founder of Moz and SparkToro, and he’s known for his in-depth knowledge of SEO. His blog posts, presentations, and “Whiteboard Friday” video series have helped educate a generation of online marketers.
  4. Seth Godin: Seth is an author, entrepreneur, and public speaker. He’s written numerous best-selling books on marketing and leadership and runs a popular blog where he shares daily insights.
  5. Ann Handley: Ann is a marketing thought leader, best-selling author, and keynote speaker. She’s also the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a marketing training and education company.
  6. Joe Pulizzi: Joe is often considered the godfather of content marketing. He’s the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and the author of several content marketing books. He’s known for his forward-thinking ideas on content strategy.
  7. Brian Dean: Brian is the founder of Backlinko, a SEO training company. He is known for his expertise in link building, SEO, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization.
  8. Robert Rose: He is a highly qualified public speaker, consultant, corporate strategist, and top-selling writer. He has more than 25 years of experience assisting marketing authorities in the field. His company, The Content Advisory, has provided services to ten Fortune 100 firms in the past 12 years. Robert is the author of three top-selling books on topics like content planning and marketing. He has worked with some of the best companies to create effective online and content tactics for them. Some of these firms are Microsoft, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Adidas, Caterpillar, and Dell. Robert has also been the Chief Strategy Advisor at The Content Marketing Institute​.
  9. Douglas Karr: Douglas Karr is the founder of the Marketing Technology Blog and has more than 25 years of experience in the marketing field. He has helped companies ranging from small startups to large enterprises to maximize their online marketing efforts. He is also a public speaker and author and has been featured in several industry publications​.
  10. Chris Marr: Chris Marr is the founder of the Content Marketing Academy, the UK’s largest membership organization of its kind. He is passionate about educating businesses on how to create their own content marketing strategies and develop their brand. Chris is also a popular public speaker and podcast host​.
  11. Joei Chan: Joei Chan is a Content Marketing Manager at Linkfluence, a social media intelligence company. She has written for numerous marketing websites and speaks regularly at industry events. Joei is passionate about helping businesses understand and leverage the power of content marketing​​.
  12. Ian Cleary: Ian Cleary is the founder of RazorSocial, which provides online training and tools to help businesses improve their content marketing and social media efforts. He is a recognized expert in the field of digital marketing and has been featured in major publications like The New York Times, Forbes, and The Huffington Post​​.
  13. Neal Schaffer: Neal Schaffer is a recognized leader in the field of content marketing. He is the author of several books on social media and content marketing, including “Maximize Your Social.” Neal is also a popular speaker at industry events and a professor of social media marketing​.
  14. Michael Brenner: Michael Brenner is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, a leading provider of content marketing strategy, content development, and content marketing workshops. He is a globally recognized keynote speaker on leadership, culture, and marketing, and author of the bestselling book “The Content Formula.” Michael has worked with dozens of companies, helping them improve their content marketing and business strategies​​.

Who’s Voice Are You Listening To?

Isn’t it wild that of all these examples listed only one is a woman and the majority are elder white males?

White men are only between 5% – 7.5% of the world’s population depending on the report, yet they’re the largest voice of content marketing…

Isn’t it time we listened to other voices, perspectives and opinions? Maybe the ideas wouldn’t be so painfully dull and boring if we heard from someone else once in a while?

The Mosh Pit Of Social Media

Most of our social media is a mosh pit of Garry Vee wannabe’s and photocopy versions of the lists above, curating old dead information and repurposing it into listicles, secrets, myth-busters, and best marketing practices like prodding pain points, war-term speak, nailing it and sexualizing everything because… “funny”.

They’re all “crushing” social media and we’re getting crushed in their mosh-pit of same-old same-old.

They teach others how to do it right which means “Do as I do” and we get even more of the same.

It’s not that our attention spans have shrunk that dramatically (although that’s a fantastic excuse to churn faster, cheaper content)- it’s that we’re bored witless and can’t stand to scroll through the same “Think and Grow Rich” post watered down 582 times.

Creatrix Eliminates Curators

Prescriptive AI tools like Creatrix wipe out the need for social media curators.

Why listen to what someone tells you to do when you can just audit their account and get a generated content forecast plan based on their best posts?

Save yourself hours of wasted research and thousands of dollars buying their courses and just get Creatrix to rank their results and give you your content plan post by post. Hey – it will even make your content for you if you like!

You curate the curators. And then what?

Democratize and Demystify Marketing

Creatrix aims to democratize and demystify marketing. You can start right now with all your favorite creators, gurus and content marketing experts.

But if we all know how to post the best, doesn’t the “best” become generic and boring?

The Best Ideas Are The Ones We Didn’t See Coming

Take a page from the book of an artist like Elvis, Prince, Bowie, Grace Jones, Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner…

Unexpected. Surprising. Novel. Outstanding.

Look at the best marketing campaigns from Coke, Apple, and Nike – they captivated our hearts, minds and souls.

We crave and resonate with original creativity.

Play Your ACE

The best way to stand out on social media is NOT to hack the algorithm. It’s to play to your Artistic Connected Expression as it evolves overtime.

Do NOT limit yourself.

That’s why Creatrix prescribes 80% content that works best and at least 20% wild card content that you’ve never done before.

Expand to the edges of your creative potential and surprise yourself.

Beyond Curating is Creativity

And inside every entrepreneur (and curator and growth hacker) is an Artist seeking self expression.

Listen to the art from your heart. It’s much better to follow than a listicle. It may take you somewhere totally unexpected and better than you possibly imagined.

You may not “win” at social media, but you may discover, that you don’t actually want to anymore…

Because when you think about it clearly, winning also means: game over. The question then is, after you’ve won, is what happens next?

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