Get 6 [FREE] step-by-step guides showing you how to drive your business growth through organic content marketing in 2023.

This Malva Media Resource is your playbook containing 6 step-by-step guided strategies for organic content marketing in 2023.

From leveraging social media platforms like TikTok to repurposing content and creating engaging behind-the-scenes content, this playbook covers all the essential tactics for growing your business through organic content marketing.

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to refine your creative content strategy, this playbook gives you the 6 simple guides to win the hearts of your audience through organic content marketing, so that they keep coming back for more.

First up,

Why Organic Content?

Do you know WHY you’re creating content for social media marketing in the first place?

It’s to move your audience to take action.

That starts by getting people’s attention. And not through shoving your product or service down their throat with an in-your-face ad.

Attraction not promotion

Organic content marketing on social media is about ATTRACTION, not promotion.

You allow your audience to come to you of their own free will and choice. And that’s always more powerful than forcing someone to do something they don’t want to.

Here’s the playbook on how to move your audience from

Likes to Leads

From Likes to Leads: 5 Obvious Reasons to Launch your Business on Social

Sharing not Selling

Organic content marketing on social media is about selling through conversation. When it’s done right, it gives you FREE manufactured word-of-mouth marketing because your audience tells their friends for you.

Here’s the best go-to-strategy that every single business should use:

The Backstage Pass Strategy for Behind-the-Scenes Content

Organic Content on Social Media gives you FREE Manufactured word-of-mouth Marketing

-Lauren Wallett

Show don’t Tell

What’s the best way to explain what you mean? Show someone. Don’t tell. This guide gives you 12 examples of what engaging behind-the-scenes content looks like and how you can replicate it to make more of your own.

It doesn’t get easier than this.

A Guide to Creating Engaging Behind-the-Scenes Content

Maximize your Content

One of the best parts about organic content is that it’s ever-green which means you can use it again and again. It’s not linked to a seasonal ad campaign. So the best way to get the most from every piece of content you create is to repurpose it in multiple ways. This stretches its use again and again.

Here’s how to boost your online sales with a super simple repurpose strategy:

Triple-Play Content: Your 3-Step Repurpose Strategy To Boost Online Sales

All Your Content Sorted

If you have lots of content already, then this strategy will get you on top of it. And if you’re just starting out the creation process, then this strategy will show you exactly how to plan and organize your content.

Content Bundling: The Ultimate Content Coordination Strategy for Easy Access

Make Video Content

It’s 2023, so you KNOW this: your content marketing strategy needs to include a majority of video content. What you may not know is that (even with the looming ban) TikTok is the place to be…

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Need To Get On TikTok

Want More?

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