Embody the Most Magnetic Version of Yourself with Lauren Wallett. Lauren Wallett offers 1:1 personalized training for public speaking, business pitching, video performance, stage presence, and media training.

💫 Embody Your Most Magnetic Self 💫

Imagine you’re stepping onto a stage or before a camera, exuding sheer confidence and captivating your audience with a resonating message that leaves an indelible mark.

This could be your reality.

You’re not just crafting a persona, you’re harnessing the power of your authentic self.

Now imagine having the mastery to do this anywhere, at any time.

Your Stage is Set…

Welcome to the Power Performance Method:

Welcome to your metamorphosis.

🌟 Lauren Wallett – Your Media Training Maestro 🌟

Lauren Wallett, the maestro behind this transformative training, has mentored hundreds of people since 2010 through the Power Performance Method, leveraging her unique ACE (Authentic, Creative, Expression) approach.

This isn’t about contrived perfection; it’s about cultivating and harnessing your raw authenticity.

From coaching Hollywood stars to CNN White House correspondents to high-flying corporate professionals and startup founders, Lauren has seen it all, done it all, and now she’s here to coach you through it all.

An award-nominated actress, and an award-winning theatre director, she moved to America based on her exceptional ability as an entrepreneur. Lauren’s credentials speak for themselves.

She’s also served as a judge and mentor at prestigious platforms such as Startup Chili, Top Billing Presenter Search (after winning her place as a top 10 contestant), The Black Ambition Prize, Women in Tech Mentor, and SheSays Mentor.

And now, she’s your media coach.

⚡ Revel in Lauren’s Stellar Track Record ⚡

Her pitch coaching prowess has led numerous founders to multimillion-dollar success stories, such as the TechStars Accelerator Program with Barclays. Experience testimonials of those who owe their success to Lauren right here.

In her best-new release (on Amazon) book “Love, Play, Magic – Business Reimagined”, she shares,

“One of the personal assets I help clients cultivate is confidence. It’s an innate part of my own Artistic Connected Expression. I package confidence training into multiple offers…”

✨ Her Performance Training Legacy ✨

Through her Create Business Academy, Lauren has revolutionized the way graduates approach the world, imprinting them with her Power Performance Method using the ACE approach. The signature mini-course trainings listed below consolidate into her groundbreaking Video Star course:

1️⃣ #LivewithLauren Challenges: Empowering coaches and small business owners to step in front of the camera with confidence and engage their audience on social media.

2️⃣ Pitch Please: Guiding business owners on how to script, perform, and film their business pitches in under a minute.

3️⃣ Cinematic: Teaching Authors, Coaches, and Business Owners how to inject movie star charisma into their Zoom screens, creating captivating content for social media.

4️⃣ Flaunt: Coaching Thought Leaders, Authors, and Business Owners on how to stand out online by showcasing their unique personalities, quirks, controversial opinions, and humor.

Watch an extract on “How to Confidently Speak Live” taken from her Live TV show SHEEO on Roku and Apple here.

📺 TV Appearances and Interviews 📺

Discover “How To Regain Your Power In Any Argument” as Lauren coaches the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley, her husband Paul Kemsley, and CNN host Danielle Nottingham on NBC’s California Live.

🔍 Dive Deeper into Lauren’s Journey 🔍

For a deeper understanding of Lauren’s extensive career, read an 11-year highlights summary here and discover more here.

Or get a quick overview of Lauren’s years in South Africa in this mash-up of interview extracts.

🦋 Ready to Emerge as All of You? 🦋

Welcome to a world where your powerful, authentic voice takes center stage, backed by the expert guidance of an international confidence and authenticity training authority, Lauren Wallett.

With her unique blend of expertise, passion, and personal success, Lauren’s innovative approach ensures your transformation isn’t just another rehearsed performance but an expression of your authentic self.

If you’re ready to command the room, captivate your audience, and create a resonating impact, then the Power Performance Method is your pathway.

Let Lauren guide you in unleashing your own powerful authentic expression, giving your performance the elevation to greatness it needs.

You are one step away from becoming an engaging speaker, a compelling performer, and a commanding presence in any room. Take that step here.

The world is about to meet the best version of you…