Has the public perception of Donald Trump changed? Want to know what drives massive engagement on his Instagram today? Do you expect combat and controversy? Presidential and political or personal brand building? The people’s hero or the media’s victim? Prepare to be shocked as we reveal Trump’s Top 10 Instagram Posts and what it means for and from the American public.

Donald Trump evokes a visceral response.

One of the most polarizing political figures of our time he’s impossible to ignore. After his presidency, what drives his popularity, and does he stand a chance in the 2024 elections? We Audit and Tell all to predict America’s political future…

But first, when it comes to public opinions about political elections, why start with social?

Social Media As A Digital Coffee Shop

Think of an election as a bustling town…

The political climate, economy, and how the candidate’s campaign is doing are like the buildings, roads, and infrastructure. They set the stage, and define the landscape. As town’s people, they’re part of what already exists and so their most effective chance for change is when they vote on what happens next.

The real magic of the town goes on when you step into the local coffee shop, where people gather to chat and discuss what’s happening.

Social Media is our digital coffee shop. It’s the buzzing hub where real conversations happen, views are shared and the vibe of the town is palpable.

It’s where you can hear from the voters, in their own words, sharing their hopes, fears, likes, and dislikes.

When a candidate gets involved, they’re not just throwing messages into the void – they’re engaging in a two-way conversation with their audience. They’re listening, responding, and hopefully, shaping their message to resonate with the voters. No one did that that better than Trump in 2020 and he won. Could he do it again?

As we anticipate and predict election results, we’ve got to pay close attention to this digital coffee shop. Social media gives us an invaluable, real-time snapshot of public sentiment. It’s the pulse of the people. The voices of the voters. It’s crucial, critical, and vital to pay attention to it if we want to predict the next president.

Brews and Views:

How Popular Social Media Posts Shape Our Understanding of Voter Preferences

In our digital coffee shop of social media, every post is like a different brew.

Each brew comes with its unique blend of theme, tone, style, and messaging. Unpacking the most popular ones – the equivalent of the most ordered drinks – provides invaluable insights.

It’s like studying why people love that caramel latte more than the classic cappuccino. Is it the sweetness, the look, the aroma?

Analyzing these top posts tells us what flavors or themes are really hitting the spot. Is it the rich, bold taste of political controversy, or the smooth, comforting notes of personal storytelling?

These insights direct the creative ‘baristas’ of our political campaign to serve up more of what the customers truly crave.

And sometimes, the crowd’s favorite might not be what we first imagined.

We might expect it to be the bold, bitter espresso of conflict and argument, but perhaps it’s the simple, warming hot chocolate of unity and optimism that’s really driving the crowds. Something so obvious, but often overlooked amid all the noise of external media pitting one side against the other.

And sometimes, seeing our opposition, up close in this digital coffee shop allows us to understand them better.

Just like that guy who always orders the quirky drink, you might be surprised to find he’s not that strange after all when you strike up a conversation with him. Sometimes, our perceived opposition may not be as divisive when you see their choices, hear their stories, and understand their perspectives up close and personal. Maybe you even have a few ideas and dreams in common?

Every post offers insight. And we’re here to serve them to you straight.

Let’s quickly cover the basics and then dive in to Trump’s actual results.

Popularity Predicts Presidency

Social media popularity is a kind of “informal polling”, with the number of followers, likes, shares, comments, and views potentially indicative of a candidate’s popularity among the public.

Here are 5 simple ways social media is traditionally used to predict the outcome of a presidential election so that you can do your own analysis.

  1. Follower Count: A large follower count suggests a significant amount of public interest and support. But not all followers are necessarily supporters, and some might not be eligible or likely to vote.
  2. Engagement: High levels of engagement (likes, comments, shares) indicate strong interest and active involvement from a candidate’s follower base. This typically translates into high voter turnout.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing the sentiment of comments and shares can give a sense of the public’s mood towards a candidate: positive, negative, or neutral.
  4. Trend Analysis: A rising trend in follower count or engagement might suggest growing momentum for a candidate.
  5. Share of Voice: Comparing a candidate’s social media metrics to those of their rivals can provide an indication of their relative popularity.
  6. Demographics: Social media platforms provide insights into the demographics of a candidate’s followers, which could be used to infer potential voting patterns.

Creatrix Audits The Most Popular Posts As Voted For By You

We sorted Trump’s most popular posts from 1st Jan 2021 until 12th June 2023 into the 10 most popular posts.

We took all the posts from Trump’s Instagram (above) and ran them through Creatrix into the top 10 most popular posts (below)

Trumps Top 10 Instagram Posts

Trump’s Most Popular Post

Trump Hero Fantasy

(His 8th most popular post is another of these cards)

Trump’s Digital Trading Cards.

#1 Creative Insight ⚡️

Trump sells digital trading cards of himself in various animated poses ranging from a judge in the clouds to a champion superhero complete with a ripped body and bulging muscles.

It’s classic hero fantasy

And his audience loves his product promotion.

#1 Hot Takeaways ☕️

Product Posts like the “Trump Cards”, particularly when they create a sense of urgency or exclusivity, are the most popular.

Trump wants Nice Guy Credit. He states he could have sold the cards for a much higher price but wants his fans to make money and have fun doing it.

  • Trump Supporters want an American Fantasy Style Hero
  • People want to make money and have fun doing it

2nd Top Post

Rallies and Public Appearance

(His 6th most popular post is also about an event with a big crowd.)

#2 Creative Insight ⚡️

His public appearances and rallies are super popular with his followers. This might be due to the persona he adopts in these situations, his charismatic public speaking style, or the sense of unity and belonging these events create among his supporters.

#2 Hot Takeaways ☕️

  • The more Trump does big events and rallies, the more popular he becomes.

Top Video Post

Joe Biden Controversy

#3 Creative Insight ⚡️

“Earpiece Revealed!”

This video mocks current President, Joe Biden by claiming he has an earpiece that tells him what to do because he’s totally incompetent.

Trump’s tendency to confront his political opponents directly in his social media posts stands out. These controversial posts resonate with his audience and drive significant engagement, suggesting that his followers appreciate his straightforward and combative style.

This tactic creates polarization, which may further mobilize his supporters.

#3 Hot Takeaways ☕️

Trump uses divisive tactics like:

  • Explicit opposition
  • Controversy
  • Mockery

Top Video Styles

The Greatest Witch Hunt Of All Time

#4 Creative Insight ⚡️

From hero to victim, here Trump is the innocent victim of the corrupt Biden administration.

He is being hunted like a witch and wants to make America great again. When “again” references are non-specific adding a sense of urgency and vagueness. Both link to the popularity of the superhero fantasy ideal in the most popular post.

This narrative resonates with supporters who feel that Trump, and by extension, they themselves, are misunderstood or under attack by political elites or the media.

#4 Hot Takeaways ☕️

  • Trump supporters want to make America great again
  • They view Trump in juxtaposition as both a savior-hero and a victim-witch

Trump plays golf & Biden falls over

#5 Creative Insight ⚡️

In this video, Trump plays golf enjoying the good life and Biden falls over. It’s a compassion video where Trump’s lifestyle is aspirational and Biden’s is embarrassing. The silent question is: “That’s who you want your president to be?”

Trump playing golf with strength and talent portrays a superior reality to Biden falling in weakness and defect. It also reflects a desire among his followers to connect with him on a more personal level, beyond his political persona.

#5 Hot Takeaways ☕️

In classic politics:

  • Trump positions himself as better than Biden and
  • American’s want aspirational lives of leisure

Where’s Hunter?

#6 Creative Insight ⚡️

Trump uses Hunter Biden as a reminder that Democrats are morally corrupt, too.

#6 Hot Takeaways ☕️

  • Trump positions himself as a truth-teller / whistle blower
  • Americans don’t want corrupt governments

Trump: The Legend

#7 Creative Insight ⚡️

Watch this video yourself or listen to the audio with lyrics like…

“All this for the fans: girls, money, and fame… scream my name, I will show no shame, I will die for this and if I come off soft, bitch… are you scared? I am America’s badass.”

The crowd goes wild and screams, as if a rock star enters the arena instead of a 76-year-old ex-president.

It’s a Hollywood hype video.

#7 Hot Takeaways ☕️

  • Trump supporters view him as a living legend

4th and Final Most Popular Post

May Peace in the world continue to flourish

#8 Creative Insight ⚡️

The 4th most popular post since 1st Jan 2021 is still popular 2.5 years later. It’s a repost of Ivanka Trump’s carousel with Trump in office.

It contrasts with his usual combative style and offers a different perspective on his personality and political career. Because it’s a repost it’s family-centric and not entirely about him. It shows groups of people all working together.

#8 Hot Takeaways ☕️

  • Americans want peace on earth
  • Americans want to flourish in life
  • Americans want to feel safe in their country

What Happens Next?

To truly get a pulse read on what lies ahead for the 2024 elections, we need transparent audits on every candidate who is running for office.

These reviews give us a clear reflection of where we’re at, how our beliefs differ, where they align, and what we best respond to. We get insight into how the other sides feel and through understanding can better empathize and strategize how to deliver new messages of hope and unity.

We get to see what’s similar and not only what divides us. Maybe the main issues of separation aren’t the same ones we’re being shown. It becomes obvious when we look at what’s actually most liked from hundreds of posts and years of data. It’s not ALL hate. We’re far more driven by what we love.

Measure In Love

And perhaps through our own reviews and analysis, we stop believing everything we see and hear and look and listen for ourselves.

To book an audit on anyone’s account to see for yourself, contact TV@ilovemalva.com or to purchase Creatrix as your own software, content lauren@ilovemalva.com.

For more on how we do these audits, click here.

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