What’s keeping AI nerds up at night? Are they ahead of the curve or is it all hype? What are the dark topics and dangerous concerns stressing out the experts – should we be afraid? We dig into the AI Exchange’s most popular posts, as voted for by the techiest-of-tech lovers to reveal the hotly debated topics, themes, and trends in Artificial Intelligence today. 

In the dark unknown of AI, there are a few bright lights guiding us through. Among them is the star duo of Rachel Woods (and her sister), who illuminates us along their journey of exploration. They curate AI resources with their AI Exchange platform and share updates and insights on social media.

We dived in to analyze every post of the AI Exchange from its inception on 1st November 2022 (with 0 followers) until 19th June 2023 (with +151.6K followers and 1.4 million likes) to unpack the top posts (as voted for by you). 

Powered by Creatrix (which turns content trends into future predictions), we at Malva Media serve you their most riveting posts and our hottest takes!

Most Liked Post

“Voice Cloning Is Getting Scary”

#1 Creative Insight ⚡️

“Voice cloning is getting scary” is both the most liked and shared post, so it struck a chord with viewers through reaction (likes) and strong engagement (shares).

Content that provokes strong emotions, makes people more likely to share it with others. In this case, it’s fear-inducing and is a warning and danger-prevention post on how to combat potential AI voice scams.

Plus green screen’s are eye-catching and attractive.

#1 Hot Takeaways ☕️

* Also directing viewers to another platform (like Twitter) or offering additional resources (like a cheat sheet link) works great!

Most Saved Post

“Easiest Ways To Use AI Every Day”

#2 Creative Insight ⚡️

Referencing valuable, practical information about AI is hugely popular.

Tutorial content gets saved and shared a lot, which helps to both deepen audience relationships and get word-of-mouth advertising.

Posts that combine practical how-to guides with AI advancements updates PLUS personal insights perform best.

#2 Hot Takeaways ☕️

  • Create more “how-to” guides.
  • Create more reference lists of content.
  • Show and Tell content is the best: show your screen with real-time live updates.
  • Offering personal viewpoints and experiences with AI gives the content a more human touch and relatability.

Most Commented Post

“Open AI Updates”

#3 Creative Insights ⚡️

AI Trendsetters: Nerds on the Cutting-Edge

Rachel positions the AI Exchange as a place for nerds and people who want to be on the cutting edge. It’s relatable and inclusive. She shares updates about AI technologies, advancements, and systems.

Currently Rachel’s content is curated reporting. The majority of posts are AI updates, resources and collections.

(The top 7th and 9th posts are also AI updates.)

The term “nerd” embraces the idea of being engaged, inquisitive, and dedicated to a subject, rather than inherently superior in intellect. “Nerd” is a powerful and playful way to encourage community, connection, and a shared identity around the content she offers.

Rachel signifies someone who is deeply passionate about a specific subject, spends a lot of time learning about it, and isn’t afraid to show enthusiasm.

Plus the biggest companies of our time, like Google, Apple, and Facebook were founded by self-described “nerds”. The connotation is positive and prosperous – it’s cool to be a nerd.

#3 Hot Takeaways ☕️

  • Nerd is the word. Use it on the AI Exchange Website / Newsletter
  • Continue reporting on AI updates and advancements
  • Share new AI systems and applications

Notable Post

“AI Business Opportunities”

#4 Creative Insight ⚡️

The AI Business Opportunities post is the top 9th post but it’s a perfect example of what Rachel does best on social.

The AI Exchange is positioned as a reputable and informed source of AI information, setting the expectation that Rachel’s content will be insightful, in-depth, and ahead of the curve.

Rachel embodies “cool nerd” and her embodiment of the brand helps her to stand out and attract a dedicated and engaged audience. It’s authentic, underscored by her reminding us that:

She’s working on this all right now too – alongside the audience. We’re in it together.

This is not an elitist account or organization, its direct community.

For Nerds by Nerds: In It Together

#4 Hot Takeaways ☕️

  • Keep the video style conversational and casual
  • Stay away from corporatizing the brand and lean more toward creative
  • It’s not so serious. And it’s far more fun when you integrate AI into your business and life.

2nd Most Liked Post

(And it’s the second most shared and saved post!)


It’s another “How-to” mini tutorial with screen-share and full transparency so it’s the same creative strategy and hot takeaways as the “Easiest Ways To Use AI Every Day” post.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts

[This post focuses on the top 9 posts.]

Top Saved Posts:

  1. Easiest ways to use AI every day: 81.4K Saves
  2. GPT4 Released: 32.5K Saves
  3. AI Update: 29.8K Saves

Top Shared Posts:

  1. Voice cloning is getting scary: 22.5K Shares
  2. GPT4 Released: 5703 Shares
  3. Easiest ways to use AI every day: 13.2K Shares

Most Compelling Content (Based on Likes):

  1. Voice cloning is getting scary: 4/1/2023
  2. GPT4 Released: 3/14/2023
  3. Easiest ways to use AI every day: 1/14/2023
  4. Open AI update: 1/6/2023
  5. Software changes forever: 3/27/2023

Posts with the highest values in each category:

  • Most Liked: “Voice cloning is getting scary”
  • Most Shared: “Voice cloning is getting scary”
  • Most Saved: “Easiest ways to use AI every day”
  • Most Commented: “Open AI update”


  • “Voice cloning is getting scary” is both the most liked and shared post, indicating that it struck a chord with viewers both in terms of initial reaction (likes) and strong engagement (shares).
  • “Easiest ways to use AI every day” stands out for the sheer number of saves, which could suggest that it provides valuable, practical information viewers want to reference later.
  • “Open AI update” stands out for the most comments, indicating it incited a lot of discussion, which could suggest it brought up new or controversial points, or that it was particularly engaging or thought-provoking.

Key Content Themes/Pillars:

  1. AI Updates and Developments: These posts include announcements about AI releases, software changes, new features, and general advancements in the field.
  2. How-To Guides and Tutorials: Practical, step-by-step information on how to use specific AI technologies or systems is another major theme.
  3. Business Opportunities and Potential: Posts discussing how to leverage AI for business opportunities, such as automating tasks or creating new services.

AI Influencer Content Forecast 🔮

Based on these top performing posts, future content should continue to provide practical guides and updates on AI, and there’s great value in exploring other emotion-provoking themes.

Combining these strategies will result in posts that are both saved for personal use and shared to spread awareness.

BUT, like we wrote in this article, suggesting what you could do isn’t the same as doing it and the power of Creatrix Prescriptive AI is in doing it for you, so let’s get it DONE FOR YOU.

Tap here for a forecasted content calendar based on these top posts (both for the AI Exchange and how you can apply their insights directly into your content plan).

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What’s keeping AI nerd up at night?

  • Voice cloning
  • Chat GPT4
  • Easiest ways to use AI every day
  • AI updates
  • Software changes
  • AI Business Opportunities

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