Is winning on social media really our “Happy Ever After” or do we become enslaved to the algorithm forever? Is the real gold at the end of the rainbow or something else?

Is Winning Really the End Game?

Marketers want to beat the algorithm, right? Outrun and outsmart it to succeed on social all the time.

Winning means it’s working for it exactly as you want it to which translates into: you’re working for it! You become a slave to the algorithm. Who wants that kind of reward?

Do you think you’ve got the algorithm wrapped around your finger with a hit list of viral videos? Funny, ’cause it’s got you picking up its poop like a well-trained pet owner. You’re not walking the dog, my friend, it’s walking you.

Now: Algorithm Tug-of-War

The digital world is tricky. We’re free to post, but isn’t it just entrapment? The illusion is we’re winning, believing that the algorithms we manipulate are working for us. But is our sweet success on social also a bitter reality: we’re working to serve a starving, sleepless algorithm that doesn’t quit.

The false win is a nasty little trick – you think the algorithm works for you, but you work for it.

Now imagine a world where we’ve all mastered the art of digital juggling. If we level this playing field, and give everyone equal access to the secrets of content success and the ability to predict trends and strategies. We all get to pull off creative campaigns and AI does our bidding – like living in a sci-fi movie!

A world where AI analyzes, generates, posts, and interacts on our behalf (literally what Creatrix Prescriptive AI does for us)… in the quest for optimization, we all dominate the algorithm and everyone wins at once!

The thrill of the chase evaporates, the credits roll, and we’re left with a static, predictable environment.

Our Future: All-Win Scenario or Game Over?

The truth is, when you win a game, it’s over. It ends and dissolves into nonexistence. You put the board away, the fun ends, the confetti settles, and there’s nothing left but the echo of the victory cheer.

When the suspense of the plot dissolves into a predictable script, will anyone read or watch anything anymore?

In a world where there’s no above-average because everyone’s a winner, what happens next?

If everyone becomes a Kardashian, there’s no one to keep up with.

When everyone can ‘Alex Earl’ filter themselves into blue eyes, blonde hair, cookie-cutter, happy-go-lucky, skinny-malink, then it wipes out the desirability factor of ‘different’. We’d live in a world full of mirror images. A homogeneous gloop.

Let everyone win. Because to win is game over.

A Vision for the Future: Not How We Win – Choosing How We Play

If our future wasn’t about sprinting for the finish line because the race was won, maybe we’d dance more.

It would be about rhythms, not race.

Do you really want to square dance with an algorithm to feel like you’ve won when you could move to your own heartbeat?

If life is about continual expansion into ALL of you and creative expression is the highest form of freedom then why would you ever want to battle an algorithm as a success metric?

Imagine a future where our success isn’t tied to how well we hit the bullseye with results, but how high our creativity can soar. How expansive we’d get to be if we weren’t all headed in the same direction.

Bring on the victory parade, because the real game starts after the win…

After we all win, we get to rediscover how we play.

From Winning To Playing

Is the AI aftermath we fear a barren field devoid of excitement, or an open canvas waiting for our collective creative touch?

Winning alone is not success. Playing with others is.

Goodbye, patriarchy. Hello, Playtriarchy*.

Our future is a party and EVERYONE is invited.

*The Playtriarchy philosophy is Lauren Wallett’s hope for our collective reimagined future. One that’s inclusive, integrated, playful, and kind. She writes about it in her books, and in blogs and speaks about it on her podcast, online, and in interviews. Playtriarchy underscores all her business creations including Creatrix.

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